Panorama Central Reservations Price Guarantee

Panorama Reservations at act as a travel wholesaler,
we negotiate bulk rates with hotels and property management companies long before the season begins.
As such, we can guarantee the lowest prices on accommodation within Panorama.
If you find a lower price within 72 hours of booking your reservation, we will match it and refund you the
difference or cancel your reservation without penalty.


Fine Print

  • Rate must be for the exact same property, property manager, quality level, number of guests and same currency.
  • Property must actually have availability at time of booking
  • Refund and payment policies must be the same.
  • Arrival and departure dates must be the same.
  • Rate must be available to all travelers, not bulk rates for groups, organizations, or membership clubs.
  • Does not apply to convention, award redemptions, coupon, package, or travel industry rate programs.

Does not apply to rates offered without the specific hotel and location being disclosed until the consumer completes the reservation.

Consumer Protection BC

    Licence Number 53386

Privacy Guaranteed 


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