Kids Ski School

Kids love Panorama! Give your child a break from Mom and Dad, and enrol them in one of the many kids programs offered at Panorama. With programs for kids 18 months to 17 years including childcare, ski and snowboard lessons, holiday camps, Kids Night Out, and more, your children will make new friends while they learn.

Ability Level Chart

To help your child get the most out of the program you select, it helps to determine your child’s ability level first.

Level Terrain  Description
Level 1: Flatlander  Has never skied or snowboarded before.
Level 2: Highwaymen  Can slide around and stop on gentle slopes/can slide on edges and stop on gentle slopes.
Level 3: Glider  Can turn in a wedge both ways on all green terrain/can turn on both edges and control speed.
Level 4: Showoff  Can start a turn in a wedge and finish with parallel skis on all green terrain/comfortable link turns on green runs.
Level 5: Outrider  Parallel on all green terrain but still find blues challenging/can turn on blue runs, learning to carve and small airs.
Level 6: Surfer  Can ski confidently on all blues, easy blacks and small bumps/ride comfortable on all blue runs, medium airs and some bumps.
Level 7: Summit  Confident on all terrain but want to improve off piste, short radius and carving/confident rider on all terrain, want to improve off piste, carving and airtime.
Program name Time Rates Details
5 – 15 Years Group Lessons
5 – 15 Group Lesson Half Day (Level 1 – 7) 13:00 – 15:00 $92.50
5 – 15 Group Lesson Full Day (Level 1 – 7) 9:30 – 15:00 $136.25 Includes lunch
5 – 15 Group Lesson 3 Full Day Package (Level 1 – 7) 9:30 – 15:00 $361.25 Includes lunch, consecutive full days
3 – 5 Snowbirds (Private Lessons)
3 – 5 Private 1 hour lesson (Level 1 – 7) 5 x per day $55.00 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 1:30, 2:30

*All rates, availability and tours are subject to change without notice and cannot be guaranteed until fully confirmed.